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About us

Founder, Liam Kirsher

Who We Are

Numenet is a boutique consulting firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We've been leading small and large businesses to online success since 1994.

We field teams of designers and programmers tailored to each clients's needs, allowing us to be both flexible and efficient.

What We Do

We focus on providing consulting, programming and design services to companies needing technical help with their online projects.

Does your business need extra assistance with a special project? We can help.


Web Design

HTML5, Responsive, Bootstrap, SVG

Web Development

On the backend we specialize in Python and Django. On the front end we've used jQuery, AngularJS and React.

API Development

Mobile applications typically require a backend. We've written quite a few APIs using Django REST Framework.

Cloud Deployment

Extensive experience with Amazon AWS, also Rackspace. Deployment with Vagrant, Ansible and Chef.


Our current favorite search engine is Elasticsearch.

Database Design

We specialize in geospatial applications using PostgreSQL (PostGIS). Also MySQL and Neo4J.

Creative Messaging

Custom Email and SMS solutions using best-of-breed providers and practices. Twilio integration.

System Administration

Linux — RedHat and Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu. Pick your favorite flavor.

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We would love to help you with your project!

775 E Blithedale Ave #176
Mill Valley, CA 94941